Our Ethos

The ethos is simple.  Deep music.

Drift Deeper Recordings is an extension of my Dub Techno Blog, after years of posting tracks, mixes and netlabel releases on the blog I soon discovered that there was too much good music slipping through without being noticed or given a release.

I don’t want to confine Drift Deeper to one particular genre or sound, though if I had to choose, it would be the Dub Techno chords, heavy reverb and delay sounds that are present in so many dub techno tracks.  This is what I love, deep atmospheric chords…..Dub Techno.

If you are wondering what my favourite track or looking for an example on what I’m trying to describe above, simply listen to the track below and it will describe it beautifully.

Optic – Untitled (Taken from Distant Memories EP)